Julianna is an emerging artist, born in Winnipeg and raised on the prairies of Southern Manitoba. She completed her first BFA at the University of Manitoba in Art History with honours. In May 2017 she received her second BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Visual Art.  Her works focus primarily in clay, but also extends her practice to a variety of materials. Many of her artworks reflect on our political, social and cultural conflicts that affect our daily lives. 

    Julianna currently works and resides in Vancouver.

My practice has always been inspired by my surroundings and I find myself propelled by my insatiable curiosity. I am drawn to ceramics as they are the basis for objects we handle everyday: from plates to mugs to bowls and more. These are vessels we need and use on a daily basis and I strongly believe we should be engaged and connected with them. Clay is a demanding and challenging material, yet offers seemingly unlimited possibilities.  Ceramics embody a learned and inherited historical tradition which speaks to me as a maker.